🚘 February Finds: This Month’s Classic Car Market Winners & Losers

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Welcome back, car enthusiasts. I’m here with your source for the latest insights and hidden gems in the classic car market.

As we head towards March I’m already mapping out the calendar, scouting out which car shows to book in for this year.

There’s nothing quite like the car lifestyle!

On with the action. In this issue you’ll find:

📈 Classic Car Sales Data: This month’s best and worst performing classic cars

📖 Focus Article: V12 Cars Under $20k (£16k)

📣 Classic Car News: An update from the industry

🎲 Bold Bets: Ford Scorpio

Let’s go!

📈 February’s Market Data

5 of the Best, 5 of the Worst

Each month I gather sales data from classic car sellers across the globe.

With every update I’ll give you a snapshot: five of the best performers, and five of the worst.

The aim is to spot trends early, so you can get ahead of the game!

Let’s get into this month’s data:

5 of the Best

Nissan 300ZX (Z31)

📈 1 year: +13.1% 5 year: +3.0% 

The Z31, a pivotal model in the Z-car lineage, is gaining traction among enthusiasts and investors alike. Its mix of performance, style, and technological innovation for its time is driving up its desirability and value.

Land Rover Freelander

 📈 1 year: +6.1% 5 year: +2.7% 

The 1st generation Freelander from the storied Land Rover lineup is carving its niche in the classic car market. Its blend of off-road capability and urban sophistication has led to a steady increase in demand and value, reflecting its growing appreciation as a versatile classic.

Pontiac Star Chief

📈 1 year: +18.1% 5 year: +3.2% 

This classic American cruiser, known for its luxury and performance in its heyday, is now shining in the collector’s market. The Star Chief’s unique blend of style and power has led to an impressive climb in its valuation.

Citroen Dyane

📈 1 year: +14.8% 5 year: +4.0% 

A testament to French engineering and innovation, the Citroen Dyane is experiencing a renaissance among classic car enthusiasts. Its charming aesthetics and practicality have seen a significant uptick in value, proving that sometimes, the underdog surprises us all.

Plymouth Barracuda (1st Gen)

📈 1 year: +34.2% 5 year: +5.2% 

The first-generation Barracuda, with its distinctive design and muscle car pedigree, is making waves. A standout performer in terms of value growth, it’s becoming a must-have for collectors seeking iconic American muscle.

5 of the Worst

Mercedes A-Class

📉 1 year: -18.5% 5 year: -7.0% 

Despite its reputation as a reliable and compact luxury car, the early iterations of the A-Class are struggling to hold their value in the classic car market, facing a significant downturn in interest and valuation.

Alfa Romeo 156

📉 1 year: -12.1% 5 year: -0.1% 

The 156, while praised for its beauty and driving dynamics, hasn’t captured the classic car market’s heart, reflected in its stagnant value growth. Concerns over reliability and widespread availability of parts could have impacted its investment potential.

Aston Martin DB7

📉 1 year: -12.0% 5 year: -0.2% 

Surprisingly, the DB7, a model often celebrated for its design and performance, is facing a market correction. This downturn might reflect the market’s shifting tastes or the reasonable supply of DB7s.

Chrysler Crossfire

📉 1 year: -5.7% 5 year: -0.4% 

Born from the collaboration between Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz, the Crossfire’s unique styling and performance aren’t enough to stave off depreciation. It seems to struggle in finding its place among more iconic or nostalgic models in the classic car world.

Jaguar XJ220

📉 1 year: -7.8% 5 year: -0.6% 

Once hailed as a pinnacle of British automotive engineering, the XJ220 is currently navigating through turbulent waters. Despite its supercar status and limited production, its value is currently in a downturn.

🎉 Access My Market Data Now 🎉

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📖 Focus: V12 Cars Under $20k (£16k)

The V12 engine is the stuff of legend – a symphony of power and smoothness reserved for the most illustrious marques.

For many, the dream of harnessing such power seems just that – a dream, with the assumption that such marvels of engineering are reserved for the wealthiest of enthusiasts.

Yet, with careful consideration and a bit of savvy shopping, owning a piece of automotive history powered by the legendary V12 engine for under $20k (£16k) is within your grasp.

See which V12s I’ve picked out as affordable (and investible)

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📣 News: Brits Are Choosing Classic Cars Over Electric Vehicles

British motorists are still giving a big thumbs up to classic cars and a polite “no, thank you” to electric vehicles.

According to DrivingExperience.com, the demand for classic car adventures has skyrocketed by 96 percent, leaving EVs eating their dust.

Dan Jones from DrivingExperience said “There is something about driving through the countryside on a lazy spring day that is quintessentially British”.

The AA has also chipped in with some of its own research, suggesting only 16 percent of Brits are considering an EV for their next ride.

It seems the allure of petrol is still too strong, with concerns over costs and a lack of government support putting the brakes on the electric dream.

Long live the classics, I say 🙌

Read more here

🎲 Bold Bets: Ford Scorpio

In this section I look at cars that can be considered ‘Bold Bets’ for investment purposes.

This month I’m looking at the Ford Scorpio; a car that I once included in my list of the ugliest cars ever made 😬.

From its polarizing design to its advanced ‘90s tech, the 2nd Gen Scorpio was Ford’s vision of the future. 

But could it be a bold bet?

Read whether I think this ugly duckling could become an unlikely classic

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