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What is an Ascari A10?

Adam Chinn

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The A10 is a supercar that was produced in 2006 by the now defunct British manufacturer, Ascari. Despite 50 roadgoing cars being planned, it only ever reached the prototype stage.

The car was the brainchild of Ascari founder, Klaas Zwart, with his company having previously developed a handful of road cars since its inception in 1994, including the Ecosse and the KZ1.

Ascari A10 specs and features

The A10’s lightweight body and sleek, aerodynamic profile were essential to Ascari’s plans to ensure that the car could perform as well as it looked. But perhaps the most impressive piece of the puzzle was the amount of raw power it could produce.

Ascari A10 engine

The A10 utilized BMW’s S62 engine, a 4.9l V8 that had previously been fitted to the E39 M5. After some minor adaptations (actually, fairly major adaptations), the result was a staggering 625 horsepower in a car that was as light as a feather.

Quite impressive, given that the original M5 engine only produced a measly 394 horsepower.

This power meant that the A10 could do 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 215 mph, making it one of the fastest cars of its era.

It was so fast, in fact, that it reached the number one spot on the Top Gear Power Lap Board in 2007, beating some of the most notable supercars from recent history.

What’s more, it was fitted with a 6-speed sequential manual gearbox for absolute, unadulterated control and precise gear changes.

Ascari A10 sound

One of the most striking features of the Ascari A10 is its engine sound and exhaust note, which could be described as being one of the most dramatic sounds ever heard from a road car.

To make things even better, Ascari discarded with the soundproofing that is generally found in most cars. The engine’s roar was allowed to fill the interior of the car, making it one of the most memorable driving experiences one could ever have.

How many Ascari A10 were made?

There was only ever one Ascari A10 made; the prototype model that belonged to Ascari boss Klaas Zwart himself.

Unfortunately the decision was made to not put the A10 into production, so the planned 50 cars were never to be. This leaves just the original A10 in existence, with its bright yellow paintwork and black racing stripes.

It’s the same car that was seen on Top Gear, and in a whole host of motoring publications back in 2006/2007.

Despite being a UK registered car, it’s thought that the A10 now resides at Zwart’s racing resort for the super-wealthy in Spain.

How much was an Ascari A10?

The A10 was priced at £350,000 ($650,000) back in 2006, but none were ever sold.

Ultimately the price tag was only ever academic as the model didn’t make it into production, so we’ll never know how many would have been sold at this price.

And the one car that is in existence… it’s anybody’s guess as to exactly how much it would be worth in today’s money!

The Ascari A10 – a racing car for the road

As is the case with many supercars, the A10’s roots lie in racing. It was a car that was designed for serious enthusiasts, with an uncompromising build that essentially made it a street-legal racing car.

It had the power, the speed and the looks of a track car, and was even fitted with roll cage amongst other safety features usually only seen in dedicated racing cars.

It’s one of the most elusive and rarely talked about supercars we’ve ever seen, and with only one in existence, it’s also one of the rarest. We’re unlikely to ever see anything quite like it again.

Was it all too good to be true? Unfortunately in the end it was, but even so, its individuality and sheer speed make it one of the most memorable cars of recent decades, and one we’ll never forget.

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