Future Classic Cars

Classic cars are an investment like no other. In recent years, the values of certain cars have exploded. Fortunate owners have made enormous profits on particular makes and models, but others have seen lackluster returns.

Manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini will always grab the headlines, but it’s not only at the top-end of the market that we see cars appreciating. There are plenty of affordably priced cars that are also seeing an increase.

But how do you identify the best cars to invest it?

We love keeping our eye on the classic car market here at The Car Investor. Here’s our take on the best affordable future classics to invest in.


A yellow Volkswagen Corrado

Volkswagen Corrado

The 80s were an interesting time for Volkswagen; new joint ventures, acquisitions, and sales of the Golf and Polo were going well across Europe. Their flagship coupe, the second generation Scirocco, was also selling well, yet VW had something else up its sleeve. By 1988 it had added another coupe to its range; the quicker and more upmarket Corrado.

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A white Honda S2000

Honda S2000

If you were to ask people what springs to mind when the name ‘Honda’ is mentioned, most would mumble something along the lines of ‘reliable’, ‘slow’ and perhaps a little… ‘bland’.
But every now and again the Japanese manufacturer comes up with something which totally dispels these preconceptions; the superb NSX, for example, or the much celebrated Civic Type R, to name a couple. In 1999 they launched what was to quickly become another of Honda’s illustrious masterpieces, the S2000.

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A silver Alfa Romeo 147 on the road

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

As self-confessed petrolheads we’re bound by unwritten rules stating that we need to have an unhealthy infatuation with Italian sports cars. It’s just one of those things; we’re totally aware that an Italian car built with passion and adoration rather than a German car built with maturity and rationality would be a ludicrous choice to make, yet one manufacturer in particular keeps defying the odds and producing cars that people revere; Alfa Romeo.

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A blue Ford Focus RS Mk1

Ford Focus RS Mk1

In the mid-nineties Ford fans were coming to terms with the announcement that the legendary Escort RS Cosworth would cease production, but were promised its replacement model, the Focus RS, would be something to behold.

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A black BMW M5 E39

BMW E39 M5

BMW M cars are held in high regard with fans of the Bavarian based manufacturer, with many considering the E39 M5 as the greatest M Powered car of them all, but why all the hype?

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A silver Audi TT Mk1

Audi TT Mk1

The year is 1995, and Audi are about to shock the motoring world at the Frankfurt Motor Show with their new, futuristic concept car, the TT. This was something a little different from Audi, who were venturing into previously uncharted waters with the radical 2+2 coupe.

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Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK (X100)

Jaguar has been synonymous with luxury British motoring for the best part of a century, so when they announced they would be bringing out a new grand tourer to replace the aging XJS in the mid-nineties, the public were on tenterhooks to see what they’d come up with.

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