What Makes a Car Appreciate in Value and Become a Classic? (7 Simple Checks)

What makes a car appreciate in value and become a classic?

It’s well known that the majority of cars will depreciate over time, some more quickly than others. However, there are certain cars that actually appreciate in value. When buying a car, you may want to choose one that you think is destined for the future classic hall of fame. Here at The Car Investor we … Read more

Supercars That Appreciate In Value (12 Of The Best)

Supercars that appreciate in value

One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what others say you cannot do. We’re often told buying a supercar is a ludicrous financial move because of the inevitable depreciation. It’s true that most new supercars do lose value rapidly, but it’s every car enthusiast’s dream to one day own an exotic car.  Thankfully … Read more