Nowadays there are only around 800 remaining on the roads in the UK after a huge decline over the last few years, and it’s getting more and more difficult to find them up for sale.


Its grandiose appearance has always ensured it’s a head-turner. A huge spoiler, low nose and distinctive rear lights; everything you need to stand out amongst the bland and tedious cars that fill the roads today.

Running Costs

As most of these were imported and many of them have been on the track, it’s imperative that you take great care when buying. Basic maintenance costs aren’t too bad, but they’re technically very complex cars so if something does go wrong you’ll need to be prepared to stump up. They are fairly easy to work on, so if you know what you’re doing you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. These cars clearly aren’t meant for economy, so don’t expect much more than a 20 mpg average!

Price When New

The R34 cost around £55k when it was released. That’s a lot, but when you consider that you could have paid double that for cars of a similar power, it suddenly seems like a pretty good deal!

Game Changer?

The R32 was certainly a game-changer for Nissan. No sooner had it launched, it was clear that they had produced something special from the recognition it received from the motoring press and the general public alike, and it paved the way for future generations, including the current GT-R on sale today. It was a technological masterpiece, and deserved all of the praise it received.

Cult Following

Absolutely. In fact, of all the cars we’ve reviewed here at The Car Investor, it’s safe to say the GT-R has one of the biggest followings. The internet is awash with Skyline owner clubs, both locally here in the UK and globally.

Time to Buy?

We’ve already seen huge increases in demand over the last few years, and with that values have skyrocketed. The R34 had the lowest production run with around 11,500 built, and some asking prices are now exceeding the original list prices. There are still some out there for less than £20k, but if this has always been your dream car then it may well be time to start looking!


Once upon a time you could pick these up for an absolute steal. In recent years the world has woken up, and now demand is starting to outstrip supply which is reflected in the rising asking prices we’re seeing. We think the popularity and global appeal will continue that trend so it’s likely there’s still money to be made, and whether you’re going for an R32, R33 or an R34, just make sure you pick a nice, clean example.

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