Over 900,000 900s were built over the course of its 20 year production run, and around a quarter of those were Turbos. But there are now so few of the ‘Classic’ 900 Turbo’s left on the road that you’re bound to turn heads; it has become one of the most exclusive Saabs remaining today.


The Turbo has one of the most recognisable silhouettes in the industry, along with a host of alluring and unique features. The three-spoke alloys and wrap-around windscreen are two of our favourites; it truly is a wonderful car to look at.

Running Costs

Assuming you buy an example that has been well looked after, these cars can be quite affordable to run. On the whole, parts are not overly expensive and from a mechanical viewpoint they are not particularly difficult to work on. The same can’t be said, however, if the car has been neglected by a previous owner, so be sure to do your due diligence when buying. Owners report typical MPG is in the high 20s, so even today they could be used as your daily driver.

Saab 900 Turbo Classic

Price When New

In the mid-eighties the T16S was around £14k from new; an impressive price when comparing it to its rivals at the time. It was the car that made it possible to have the latest technology at an affordable price, giving owners the power and performance they deserved.

Game Changer?

It could be said that this car kick-started the turbo revolution. It was one of the first to bolt a turbo-charger to an otherwise everyday, luxurious family car, and the results show for themselves. Many followed suit, and there were various copycat versions inspired by this innovative model in subsequent years.

Cult Following

Of all the Saabs, the 900 is probably the most widely-respected amongst car enthusiasts, journalists and owners alike. There is a Classic 900 Owners Club, as well as the Saab Owners Club GB, so you’ll be in good hands should you need any advice or assistance. For many people, the day production of the original 900 ended was one of the saddest in Saab’s history, which goes some way to showing the following these cars have.

Time to Buy?

Prices have been on the rise gradually for a few years now, and they’re only going to continue going up. It’s unlikely we’ll see a sudden explosion in value as we do with some cars, which gives you a good opportunity to hunt down the perfect example… and you’ll need to do plenty of hunting, as they very seldom come up for sale! Don’t be fooled into buying one of the cheaper GM models; the Classic is the one to go for, and you can still pick one up for under £10k, which in our eyes is a bargain!

Anything Else?

Saab are traditionally an aircraft manufacturer, so in the eighties they embarked on an advertising campaign comparing the 900 Turbo to one of their fighter jets! Check it out below:


This everyday classic is an absolutely fantastic car to buy, drive and live with; it was built to last and will eat up the miles if you look after it, all the while offering a fantastic driving experience. Convertibles are the most desirable, and prices are on the rise slowly. If you’re only interested in the value increase then we’d suggest there are cars out there that will offer a better return. However, if you’re truly interested in the performance, looks and all-round experience of owning an appreciating classic car (and we hope you are!), then the Saab 900 Turbo is an excellent choice. We love it here at The Car Investor, and we think it’s a brilliant opportunity to own an incredibly important piece of automotive history.

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