Cheap JDM Cars Under $10k

Cheap JDM Cars Under $10k

JDM cars (short for ‘Japanese Domestic Market’) are some of the most popular used vehicles to buy. The term refers only to cars that were built specifically for the Japanese market, as opposed to every car built in Japan. Some of the most attractive JDM cars are performance-oriented, and they have a plethora of adoring … Read more

Best Investment Cars 2022

Best Investment Cars 2022

With the recovery from the recent global turmoil now well underway, many classic car enthusiasts are thinking about the best cars to invest in for 2022. With an uncertain economy it can be difficult to know where your best bet is for future financial security, but investing in cars isn’t always about cold, hard cash. … Read more

Best Sports Cars Under £5k – UK (Great for Enthusiasts on a Budget)

Best sports cars under £5k - UK

It’s the dilemma that car enthusiasts on a budget, and young drivers looking for their first sporty car often face; “which performance car should I go for?”. Some used sports cars and hot hatchbacks appear to be bargains, but often people buy without considering the ongoing maintenance and insurance costs. Some used sports cars can … Read more

Supercars That Appreciate In Value (12 Of The Best)

Supercars that appreciate in value

One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what others say you cannot do. We’re often told buying a supercar is a ludicrous financial move because of the inevitable depreciation. It’s true that most new supercars do lose value rapidly, but it’s every car enthusiast’s dream to one day own an exotic car.  Thankfully … Read more

Cars to Invest in 2021 (Best Investments for all Budgets)

Aston Martin DB7

As with many industries, the automotive industry was put on hold during 2020 and sales of new cars saw record lows all over the globe.  But prices of used cars actually increased during the lockdowns as public transport was off the cards. People’s interest in classic cars didn’t dwindle either, it just evolved. Sellers of … Read more