What Makes a Car Appreciate in Value and Become a Classic? (7 Simple Checks)

What makes a car appreciate in value and become a classic?

It’s well known that the majority of cars will depreciate over time, some more quickly than others. However, there are certain cars that actually appreciate in value. When buying a car, you may want to choose one that you think is destined for the future classic hall of fame. Here at The Car Investor we … Read more

Are Classic Cars Expensive? (And Can You Afford One?)

Ferrari Dino

A classic car is one that is typically at least 20 years old and has a distinguishing feature, such as rarity. As demand for these cars increases over time, so does their value. Classics are popular with celebrities, sports stars and other high worth individuals all over the world, so are classic cars expensive? The … Read more

Are Classic Cars Doomed? (And Will They Become Worthless?)


Classic cars have long been a popular investment strategy for investors wishing to diversify their portfolio, and for those who love the classic car market in general. There have been concerns in recent years that the classic car market could be doomed due to the upcoming regulation changes around internal combustion engines, and the lack … Read more