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Here at The Car Investor we’re always on the lookout for clubs or events that may be of interest to our readers, so this week we caught up with David Jones of South Coast sports car club ‘Helluvit’, where membership is free and open to all sports car drivers.

Club Helluvit members are an eclectic mix of petrolheads, car geeks and Sunday drivers, male and female: don’t worry, you’ll fit in! They’re based in Bournemouth, but are active along the South Coast and wherever there’s a great driver’s road. They organise sports car meets, road runs, their own mini sports car tours, and occasionally take part in track days and other motoring events. Current members drive everything from Ferraris to MGBs, and from the latest Porsche to the oldest Alfa Romeo!

The only entry qualification is that you drive a sports car, GT car or sports coupe! (Sports bikers are also welcome). It’s believed that Helluvit is the only all-marques sports car club in the area, although they would like to hear from you if you know different. Find out how to join the club – here!

Just for the Hell of it!

Please send an email to David Jones at info@reddragon.org.uk if you would like them to send you a regular email with details of the club events (normally once a month). They will also then add you to their mailing list and keep you updated about forthcoming events.

Total membership is now 521 members. Feel free to invite your friends to join the club and come along on the monthly sports car road runs, and join them for a chat at the sports car meets.

Website: www.helluvit.co.uk


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  1. Paul Doe 3 months ago

    Hi. I like your reviews and currently own an sl320. I’m looking for a daily driver which won’t depreciate. Any thoughts on a 1997 impreza turbo?
    Cheers Paul

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