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The Complete Used Car Checklist

There’s a lot that needs to be checked when buying a used car. If you buy a car that’s been poorly maintained, it could end up being very costly in the long-run.

A green Jaguar XJS
Future Classic Cars

Will the Jaguar XJS become a Future Classic Car?

It was always going to be a challenge for Jaguar to replace their iconic E-Type, so when the XJS launched in the mid 70s, the eyes of the motoring world were firmly fixed on the British manufacturer.

A silver Porsche Boxster (986)
Future Classic Cars

9 Future Classic Cars to Invest in Now

As we enter a new decade, there’s still plenty of appetite for investment cars. It’s not only classic Ferraris and Porsches that we’ve seen rise in value over the last few years; there are loads of affordable future classic cars to invest in too.

Motoring Advice

How to Wash your Car Properly: a Step by Step Guide

Most people think they know how to wash a car properly, and everyone knows that to keep a car looking fresh it needs cleaning regularly. Yet, many don’t realize what goes into getting the best results.

What Makes a Future Classic
Motoring Advice

Identifying Future Classic Cars

We’re at a special time. Classic cars are no longer just a hobby for stereotypical older gents with an MG Midget in the garage, grease on their hands and a pricey AA membership.

When Should I Buy
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When to Buy a Classic Car

Depreciation. The word that car owners everywhere dread the most, and it’s not surprising. A brand new car will generally lose an astronomical 60% of its value within three years of being driven off the forecourt. A good job then that we’re going to avoid all of that nonsense by timing the used car market, and picking up a car that will not only be no longer depreciating, but will appreciate. That is, after all, the name of the game.

A blue BMW Z3
Future Classic Cars

Will the BMW Z3 Become a Future Classic Car?

In 1995 BMW were ready to jump back into the two seater sports car market, and launched the Z3; a successor to the disappointing Z1. This time around, all the ingredients were in place to make the latest Z car a mass-market success.

A Lotus Elise with racing stripes
Future Classic Cars

10 Affordable Future Classic Cars

The good news is that there are still certain modern classic cars that you can buy, drive, enjoy, and potentially make a profit from when it’s time to sell. Here are some affordable future classic cars that we feel could appreciate in value this year.

A red Volvo 850R
Future Classic Cars

Will the Volvo 850 T-5/R Become a Future Classic Car?

Volvo has a reputation to uphold; sensible, safe and reliable. But back in the nineties there was a revelation in the making. The shrewd Swedes had spotted an opportunity to loosen their shackles, and decided a performance car was the way to go.

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