We’ve never been ones to buy brand new cars here at The Car Investor. In fact, we’ve never done it. Why? Well it’s obvious. It’s a waste of money. New cars depreciate immediately after leaving the showroom, and keep on depreciating for at least the next 15 years, at which point most will find their way to the scrapheap.

The Car Investor

But, the odd few will start to regain value and even exceed their original value. It’s identifying those cars, and identifying the right time to buy, that will ultimately make you a lot of money and provide you a lot of satisfaction from investing in cars.

And that’s what we’re all about. The Car Investor is a website to help you pinpoint which cars are likely to rise in value and net you a nice profit once you’ve had the most out of the car. Exclusivity, originality, and cult following are just a few of the fundamentals that need to be carefully considered when selecting a car to invest in, and The Car Investor thoroughly investigates each aspect with every review.

And don’t think you need to be a millionaire to start; there’s something for everyone at every price point. And you know what? You’ll have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. We certainly have.

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