Do Audis Have Apple CarPlay?

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Apple CarPlay is one of the most appealing features of a car for many people. It allows you to use your iPhone to control various functions of your car, such as music, navigation, and phone calls. So it’s no surprise that many drivers want to know if their car has this feature.

Audi produces luxury vehicles, so one would assume that all their cars should be fitted with Apple CarPlay. But is this the case? Do Audis have Apple CarPlay?

All new Audis are fitted with Apple CarPlay but the company only began introducing it to the range in 2017, so older Audi models are unlikely to be fitted with the technology.

In this article we will look at the different Audi models and see which ones come with this feature. We will also discuss the pros and cons of Apple CarPlay, and consider whether it is worth paying extra for a car that has this technology.

When did Audi introduce Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay was widely introduced to Audi models in 2017. At this point, the vast majority of new Audi models were fitted with the technology as standard.

It did take a little while for Audi to fully embrace CarPlay. It was included in new models a few years after Apple released the technology in 2014.

So if you’re looking to buy a second-hand Audi you will need to check whether it was fitted with CarPlay, as not all older models will have the feature.

Used Audis
Newer second-hand Audis will often have Apple CarPlay

Which Audi Models Have CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is now available in all new Audi models. Also, the majority of models since 2017 have included the technology.

Thankfully CarPlay now comes as standard in Audi models. So if you’re buying a new car from a dealership, you’re likely to find the technology in your chosen car.

Apple has put together a list of vehicles that include CarPlay, so if you’re looking for a slightly older model you can still find one that supports the feature.

Can you add Apple CarPlay to an Audi?

It is possible to add Apple CarPlay to an Audi that was built before 2017, but you will need to buy an aftermarket kit.

If your Audi was built after 2009 and has a built-in infotainment screen, there is a possibility that you can retrofit Apple CarPlay. But you’re unlikely to be able to fit CarPlay to Audis that are much older.

A silver Audi A2
It’s unlikely you’ll be able to retrofit CarPlay to Audis from the 2000s or earlier

But you won’t be able to do this through Audi themselves, it’s purely an aftermarket job.

You can find a range of different kits to choose from and there are a number of businesses that specialize in providing these kits, but the installation process can be tricky. So it’s best to get a professional to do the job for you.

What are the benefits of using Apple CarPlay in an Audi?

There are pros and cons to every technology, and CarPlay is no exception. Here are some of the benefits of using this system in your car.

  • CarPlay gives you a safe and easy way to use your iPhone in the car. You can make phone calls, listen to music, and get directions without ever taking your hands off the wheel.
  • The system is very user-friendly, so it’s easy to learn how to use.
  • CarPlay integrates well with many different apps, so you can have all of your favorite music and navigation apps in one place.
  • With Siri enabled, you can use voice commands to control various aspects of the car. This can be a convenient way to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

What are the drawbacks of using Apple CarPlay in an Audi?

Of course, there are always some drawbacks to every technology. Here are some of the downsides of using CarPlay in your Audi.

  • Not all types of app are compatible with CarPlay, so you may not be able to use all of your favorite apps on the go.
  • It can be quite resource-intensive. This means that it can slow down your phone and affect its battery life if it’s not charging.
  • Retrofitting can be challenging and may require the help of a professional.

Is it worth paying extra for a car that has Apple CarPlay?

If you’re in the market for a used Audi then you’ll need to decide if you want one with Apple CarPlay.

Whether it’s worth paying extra for a slightly newer model that’s fitted with the technology, or if an older model without CarPlay is still a good option for you, depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Audi infotainment
Audi infotainment systems without CarPlay are still very user-friendly

If you’re someone who uses a lot of different apps while you’re on the road, or if you rely heavily on voice commands to control your car, then CarPlay may be a valuable addition to your Audi.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t need to be connected while driving, or who doesn’t mind old-school methods of navigation, then an Audi with CarPlay may not be necessary for you.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether Apple CarPlay is a feature that’s worth paying for. Manufacturer’s infotainment systems pre-CarPlay are still more than good enough.

Final Thoughts

New Audis come with Apple CarPlay as standard, which allows you to use your iPhone safely while driving.

If you have an Audi model made after 2009, it may be possible to retrofit Carplay into your car, but you will need to look for an aftermarket solution.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using Carplay, but in the end it’s up to the individual to decide if the feature is worth paying extra for.

Older Audi models without Carplay are still good options, and Audi’s pre-CarPlay infotainment system is more than adequate for most.

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