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Hello and welcome to your primary source for classic car investment insights and news. Today we’ll explore the recent trends in the classic car industry using May’s market data.

Without further ado, here’s what you’ll get in today’s issue:

📈 Resale Data Analysis: Discovering this month’s best and worst performing classic cars

🔍 Focus Article: Will the Lamborghini Gallardo be a classic?

📣 Classic Car News: The latest updates from the industry

📖 Focus Article: Investing in undesirable classics

🎲 Bold Bets: BMW E60 M5

Let’s dive right in!

📈 May’s Market Data

5 of the Best, 5 of the Worst

Each month we gather sales data from classic car sellers across the globe, and turn it into a bite-sized email for your consumption.

With every update we’ll give you five of the best performers, and five of the worst.

Let’s check out May’s data.

5 of the Best

Saab Sonnett: The III model, in particular, has seen significant gains. Its quirky design and limited production run have made this a true rarity, and it’s clear the market is taking note.

📈 1 year: 23.7% 5 year: 3.7% 

Chrysler Imperial: This American titan continues to draw attention and respect. Its grandeur and timeless elegance are driving its value upwards, making it a significant collector’s choice.

📈 1 year: 6.5% 5 year: 21.5% 

Subaru Sambar This little giant from Japan has piqued the interest of collectors recently. Its distinctive design and van versatility, coupled with its limited availability outside of Japan are key factors contributing to its investment attractiveness.

📈 1 year: 17.7% 5 year: 7.3% 

Studebaker President: The legacy of this American classic continues to age like a fine wine. This vintage gem, celebrated for its innovative design, has seen a steady increase in value over time.

📈 1 year: 19.4% 5 year: 5.8% 

Triumph Stag: This British classic’s allure lies in its blend of style, comfort, and power. Although its increase is less meteoric compared to others on this list, its consistency is commendable.

📈 1 year: 13.4% 5 year: 3.1% 

5 of the Worst

Chevrolet Biscayne: Sadly, this classic Chevy has not lived up to expectations recently. Despite its status as an icon of American design, its value has been idling in the negative territory.

📉 1 year: -14.4% 5 year: -0.2% 

Porsche Boxster 987.2: Unfortunately, even the illustrious Porsche marque isn’t immune to investment dips. The Boxster 987.2 model, despite its sports car pedigree, has seen a downward trend.

📉 1 year: -4.2% 5 year: -0.8% 

Buick Reatta: This unique American coupe has been experiencing a decline. Despite its futuristic design for the era, the Reatta hasn’t quite hit the mark in the collectors’ market recently.

📉 1 year: -2.8% 5 year: -0.5% 

Rover P6: Once a symbol of British innovation and engineering, the Rover P6 hasn’t held up well in the classic car investment market. Its recent decline suggests a less than rosy outlook.

📉 1 year: -14.2% 5 year: -4.2% 

Ford Sierra: We’ve seen some crazy valuations of the Sierra RS Cosworth over the last few years, which also dragged up the market for the standard Sierra. However, recently the value trend has been disappointing, reflecting a cooling market sentiment towards this model.

📉 1 year: -9.6% 5 year: -1.0% 


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🔍 Focus: Will the Lamborghini Gallardo be a Classic?

The Gallardo has certainly made its mark in the world of supercars, but will it achieve the coveted status of a classic car?

Though it may not boast the ultra-low production numbers of some of its supercar siblings, it has another ace up its sleeve – a myriad of special editions and limited models.

Don’t miss our analysis of the Lamborghini Gallardo and its potential to become a classic car.

Read the full article and discover if this iconic supercar is worth your attention and investment.

📣 News: 230 Car Barn Find to be Auctioned

Last year, firefighters in the Netherlands stumbled upon a jaw-dropping collection of classic cars while responding to a call at a property.

This secret collection, worth millions of euros, was amassed over 40 years by collector Ad Palmen, a now 82-year-old retired businessman.

Unfortunately, Mr. Palmen was diagnosed with dementia, leading to the decision to auction off his prized collection, now dubbed “The Palmen Barnfind Collection.” The auction has just gone live online.

📖 Focus: Investing in Undesirable Classics

What if I told you that owning a piece of automotive history doesn’t have to break the bank?

That’s right, my friends, there’s a secret to investing in classic cars that most enthusiasts overlook – the ‘undesirable’ models.

You may ask, “Why would I want an ‘undesirable’ car?”

Well, the answer is simple: when it comes to investing, sometimes it pays to zig when everyone else zags.

See if an ‘undesirable classic’ could be right for you.

🎲 Bold Bets: BMW E60 M5

In this new section, we’ll be looking at cars that can be considered ‘Bold Bets’ for investment purposes.

To kick us off, I’m focusing on a bold bet that I took myself back in 2021… the BMW E60 M5.

Drawn in by its pièce de résistance, the glorious 5 liter V10 engine that pumps out 507 horsepower, this M5 really is the ultimate sports sedan.

But a quick search online will have you cowering behind the couch, with horror stories of rod bearing failure and complete engine replacements rife.

Is there any truth to these horror stories, or is the M5 a worthy collectible?

Find out here.

Got an idea for a bold bet? Reply to this email with your suggestion.

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