Nissan Skyline GT-R

For many, the recognisable silhouette of the Nissan Skyline GT-R will be a fond memory from their days playing Gran Turismo on the Playstation back in the late 90s and early 2000s. The road-going racing car was a favourite amongst gamers and car enthusiasts alike thanks to its incredible performance and imposing presence.

The world was introduced to the Skyline GT-R back in 1969; the first generation was a four door sedan that was later released as a coupe, but it wasn’t until 1989 that things started getting really interesting. Nissan brought back the Skyline after a notable absence of several years; a third generation named the R32, which featured a 2.6 litre straight six producing 280bhp. The all-wheel drive, twin-turbocharged GT-R quickly racked up a host of motorsport accomplishments, and with demand surging Nissan ended up producing just shy of 44,000 units of what was originally supposed to be a limited-run racer.

After the success of the R32, the fourth generation (R33) was released in 1995 and featured the same engine layout and power output, with a 0-60 time of five seconds. Nissan improved the Skyline in almost every department, and impressively the R33 was the fastest production car to lap the Nurburgring at the time, posting a record of 00:08:01. In 1999 Nissan released their fifth generation, the R34, and this time the technological advances were astounding. The same 2.6 litre twin-turbo remained, but torque was increased and turbo-lag was eradicated, meaning instantaneous power delivery. A new six-speed gearbox replaced the old five-speed, and the stiffer body and much improved aerodynamics meant that on the track the R34 provided some serious competition when pitted against the much more expensive European supercars of the day. For a detailed look at the car’s history, check out the Brooklands Books Skyline GT-R Ultimate Portfolio on Amazon.

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