Renault has always had an affinity for producing hot hatches, and things have been no different with the Clio ever since the Williams version in the nineties. In the early 2000s the second generation Clio was given the full Renaultsport treatment and equipped with a 2 litre 16V engine producing, unsurprisingly, 182bhp. Along with the standard 182, customers were also given the chance to order the limited edition ‘Trophy’ (not to be confused with the 182 ‘Cup’).

The agile 182 Trophy was Renault’s farewell to old-school hot hatches before the far bigger and much heavier Clio III arrived later in 2005. A few tweaks and adjustments to the standard 182 meant the Trophy picked up rave reviews from motoring magazines across the country, dispatching the competition accordingly when placed head to head. The secret was simple, amongst the other minor adjustments Renault fitted the Trophy with new race-ready Sachs dampers, allowing for better suspension control and greatly improving the car’s handling. It may not have been quicker than some of the competition, but the total driving experience was second to none.

Back in 2005 the Trophy cost a reasonable £15,500 from new, and you simply couldn’t have more fun for that money. Renault produced just 500 examples for the UK market, each with an exclusive numbered plaque, along with a further 50 for the Swiss market. Even better news for current owners is that only around 300 remain on the road in the UK, and for the rest of us… well, we’ll just have to look a bit harder if we want to buy one!

So why would we consider this limited edition Clio a good investment today?

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