BMW E46 M3

As car investors and enthusiasts we’re all well aware of how prices of the original BMW M3, the E30, have surged in recent years. Rarity, pedigree, and nostalgia have all combined to dictate asking prices of £70k plus, which, when you look at it objectively, is absolutely absurd. But can we expect to see prices of later M3 models heading northwards as well? After the E30, and as we entered the nineties, the E36 M3 was introduced, and today we’re already starting to see some crazy price tags for clean examples of those. At the turn of the century BMW acquainted us with their third iteration, the E46 M3. It’s incomprehensible to think that the E46 could ever reach the heights we’re seeing from the E30, simply due to the difference in the numbers produced, but now that prices start at under £10k for the E46, would it be wise to snap one up in the hope of seeing a more modest return?

The E46 M3 was launched with a 3.2 litre straight six producing 343bhp, and achieving 0-60 in just a smidge over five seconds. The twin dual exhausts and flared wheel arches showed that the M3 meant business, but in a somewhat subtle and perhaps more refined manner than we see with some of today’s equivalents. As with all M cars, you knew you were going to be in for a treat once you got it out on the open road. The effortless acceleration and sublime handling had motoring journalists salivating, with many proclaiming it to be the ‘best M3 yet’. A bold statement, given the E30’s aforementioned prowess.

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  1. Cesar Gonzalez 1 year ago

    I have an Alpine White III, 2002 european model E46 m3 with 52.000 kilometers, SMG, black nappa leather interior, in pristine original condition. Excellent car, beautiful to look at.. IMHO the best M3 ever made.. I also have an E36 euro spec M3 coupe 3.0, mugello red, 1994, also in original condition, it is very fast and well balanced but E46 M3 is superior. Have both cars in Venezuela and love them. They are both on the

  2. Michael 10 months ago

    SMG should rise in value in the long run. It epitomizes what the e46 was about – track technology brought to the civilian market. Hello caugh caugh CSL…It also marks a unique technology that was misunderstood by many. The arguments and judgement cast by most are actually a positive – there is no such thing as bad press right?

    Manuals come in almost all variants of sports cars and are basically the same across all years. The SMG was only offered by the M cars and was a vast departure from any other type of transmission at the time. It really sparked the modern DCT shift in transmissions. When we are all in flying cars and they have an ancient e46 in a museum, it will be the SMG. It has the best story to tell after all. That is what stays in history books.

  3. Edward Peel 9 months ago

    I have a late 2003 Imola red cabriolet with red leather interior and manual gearbox. It has done 50000 miles. A beatiful car to look at and great performance. I have owned both e30 and e36 M3’s plus Porsche 911, but my prese.nt car is a keeper. I can only se the value going up because it is a great car. In my humble opinion, a reallygood time to invest in one.

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